IOTA Brand Face Lift!

As we have progressed throughout the competition we have seen many different iterations of project elements to better suit our ever changing team. We've had over thirty car designs, several websites, and now with our National Finals face lift, four logo designs.

In preparation for the Australian National Finals our team branding will be receiving a face lift. It is still based off of our State Finals logo, so the familiarity and recognisability of our brand will remain. However, the logo has had some small and distinct changes.

  • Our previous maroon-black colour gradient has been replaced with a two-tone colour scheme: featuring a more vibrant and eye catching red, and a dark charcoal grey.


  • The previous tall 3:1 aspect ratio has been removed to make way for our new logo's closer to 1:1 ratio. This smaller ratio also our Nationals brand to become more versatile, allowing it to be placed on more surfaces and in more places increasing our brands exposure.


  • We now feature a new font that belongs to the Sans Serif family. This font improves clarity as it is much easy to read, and it, subjectively, better suits our logo, and team identity.


I am proud to be releasing IOTA's 2018 Australian National Finals team branding:

Bronson SuttonComment