We've been everywhere man!

Phew. A lot has happened in the short month since we last updated you. We finally were able to get our CNC Router up and running again; leading to us being able to route one of our prototypes. We no longer have to rely on virtual testing, yay! Special thanks to the Denford lads over in the UK that were able to get us up and running again.

On Wednesday the 14th, we had Frances from the local paper come by and have a look at what we've been working on. We had a chat about the competition, our teams progress, and how we are finding the competition. This was then featured in the local paper,  if you'd like to read it, its available online here.

Last week I ventured down to Tom’s Outdoors to get some marketing tips and tricks from the owner, you guessed it his name is Chris. We discussed the various ways he markets his products in store, and online. Chris was extremely helpful, and we thank him greatly for his time!

Our Design Engineer while in Wagga Wagga, popped into Wagga Bearings, to discuss bearings. What a surprise. They discussed the various types and sizes of bearings available and ordered in twelve, which we have picked up today.

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