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We are Iota, a team with its eyes set on success.

Iota is the first Professional Class F1 in Schools team from the Riverina, and Tumut High School; but that hasn't stopped us from achieving great things.

We are a team of six hardworking, dedicated young men: Bronson Sutton, Vince Wood, Corey Crain, Ethan Parker, Andy Dodds and Ethan Contessa.

Together we have dedicated thousands of hours to the project and have reaped the rewards of doing so. Within our first competition season we have qualified to represent Australia at the 2018 Singapore World Finals held in September.

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The first Professional Class team from the Riverina, and Tumut High




F1 in Schools™




F1 in Schools is a rigorous, holistic, worldwide challenge which incorporates the use of design and technology into the real world.

Students are essentially placed in charge of an F1 Company: from the designing of a miniature F1 car that reaches speeds of 80km/h, the manufacturing of said car, the team marketing, to the securing of stakeholders and management. It is all a part of the competition.

More about the competition can be read here.

F1 in Schools™ World Finals 2013

F1 in Schools™ World Finals 2013


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Team & Brand Manager

Bronson managed the team and provided oversight to the project as a whole. His role incorporated all areas of management, from general administration to more specialised areas such as time, task, financial and resource management.

Bronson led Iota through both the State and National Finals, with the team eventually qualifying to represent Australia at the World Finals. Receiving the award for ‘Best Managed Enterprise’ at the State and National Finals is testament to his ability to manage a successful team.

As Brand Manager, Bronson, through close collaboration with Vince, created a strong, recognisable brand identity which is evident in all team publications and project elements.


Marketing Manager

Vince managed the team’s marketing and social media campaigns. He utilised numerous forms of media to advertise and increase recognition of the team throughout our region, and more broadly, Australia.

His role saw him collaborate with multiple local and regional media platforms to target our key demographics. Vince worked closely with Bronson to create a strong, recognisable brand identity for use throughout our marketing campaigns.

Vince’s creative thinking led to unique marketing campaigns which ultimately won the ‘Best Team Marketing’ award at the State and National Finals. 


Research Manager

Andy incorporated a variety of different techniques into the research and testing of car prototypes. He worked continuously with Corey, testing the different aspects of the car including the aerodynamic values and structural integrity of various designs.

He provided Ethan Contessa with insight into the best materials and resources available to produce our World Finals wheel system.

Through Andy’s research we were able to source and thus ensure that our World Finals car featured only the highest quality components. 


Lead & Design Engineer

Corey specialised in the design of our car and its accompanying deceleration system. Following the recruitment of a new member for the World Finals which enlarged the engineering sector of the team, Corey was appointed Lead Engineer. Under this role he was placed in charge of the engineering sector as a proxy manager to Bronson.

As Lead Engineer throughout the project, Corey worked closely with all members of the engineering sector; he worked with Andy to research different concepts that could be incorporated into our car; worked with Ethan Contessa to collaboratively engineer our different wheel systems, and Ethan Parker to ensure that our car was designed for ease of manufacture and assembly.


Wheel Systems Engineer

Ethan’s speciality largely focused on the engineering and refinement of our wheel systems. His internal collaboration with Andy involved close analysis of wheel system designs. This analysis proved vital to achieving our overall design aim of creating a fast World Finals car. 

Ethan also aided the other engineers in their respective areas including Ethan Parker with manufacturing and Corey with the integration of the wheel systems into the car model.  


Manufacturing Engineer

Ethan has been in charge of every step of the manufacturing line since the team’s formation. He wrote G-code for the CNC router, co-ordinated our 3D printing and performed the finishing processes to our cars. He worked closely with Corey to transform our virtual designs into exact physical models through the use of strict tolerancing practices and regular dimensioning. 




MK 4

The final product of months of collaboration, innovation and refinement.

A car built to maximise efficiency through the redefinement of commonly held engineering ideals in F1 in Schools.

Beauty in simplicity.
A car engineered for performance.

Visit our pit display to learn more!





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